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Book Review: The Dark Side of Darkness – Some family secrets must remain that way.

About the Book:
Cecelia’s unexpected arrival from America on her mother’s doorstep sends Bea into a panic. She must not let the neighbors know the fate that has befallen the child she has boasted about all these years, her ‘wash-belly’. The family secret must be kept. But then, Cecelia disappears and Bea must find her before anyone else in the district does. With her sister Vi, she embarks on a journey between time, and struggles with her fears and superstitions, determined no one must know the darkness enshrouding her family. Vi ferociously battles her own demons and is determined to win, whatever the cost. And Cecelia, born in the dark night and now wandering the countryside like a soul lost, must somehow find her way home.
The Dark Side of Darkness is a story woven around time as it takes the reader on a journey through and into the dark side of the human psyche. It explores hidden passions and secret places that perhaps should be left alone. Written as a series of flashbacks, the book embraces issues that transcend culture, gender, and race, and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit.


About the Author:
Vangella ‘Vjange Hazle’ Buchanan was born in Jamaica and migrated to the United States in 1989. She is a graduate of Mico Teachers’ College in Jamaica, and has written and published numerous short stories and poems. Her collection of stories, ‘Country Gal a Foreign’ for which she did the illustrations, was published in 2003. Her short novel, Mariana was published in 2007. Her second novel The Dark Side of Darkness was published in 2009 and My Father and Other Disasters in 2010. This self-published author holds a B.A in English and an M.A. in Communication. She is an Adjunct Professor at Capital Community College and a Writing Associate at Goodwin College.

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You can purchase “The Dark Side of Darkness” online at: http://www.marianabooks.com/home

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