Book Review: The Tangled Web

About the Book:
In the dead of night, international media and entertainment tycoon Logan Armstrong flies back to the island of his birth. Armstrong is on a covert mission, known only to himself and three top government officials. Their plan? A plot to assassinate the corrupt head of state, a dangerous megalomaniac who, in his dirty dealings with Colombia’s leading drug cartel, is sacrificing his country’s future for personal gain. Unbeknownst to Armstrong and his colleagues, a parallel plot is being set into motion by the powerful jefé of the cartel, the beautiful and ruthless Maria Echevarría.

Tracking down the biggest story of her career, investigative reporter Lauren Anderson catches wind of cocaine transshipment via a shipping company owned by Armstrong’s brother-in-law. As Lauren pursues the story, she is unwittingly drawn into the assassination plot by her aunt, one of the government officials in league with Armstrong. Lauren interviews Armstrong to learn what she can about the tainted dealings of his brother-in-law. She learns instead that a man as magnetic as Logan Armstrong cannot be ignored.

Two assassination plots, international intrigue, corruption, murder and romance played out in New York, Prague, London, and a Caribbean island that is indeed a tangled web.


She did it!
J.P. Lane has created a meticulously crafted noir thriller that speaks to a woman’s heart.  In her recently published book, “The Tangled Web”, the (female) reader will fall in love with Logan and Lauren as they begin to fall in love with each other. The male reader will become enthralled in the gumshoe narrative while trying to figure out which of the many subplots actually will lead to the confounding climax.
If you like detective work, investigative reporting, long for the azure stillness of the Caribbean and know that under its post-card facade there can lurk a horrifyingly corrupt underworld, if you can relate to the drug violence that has plagued most of Latin America in the last couple of decades then this “telenovela” book will intrigue you. It is a well thought-out novel that captures a time and place – the “cocaine wars” – with an unlikely cast of supporting lead characters.

It’s a great end of summer read that will transport you into a dangerous zone and then challenge you to think outside the norm. – Mercedes Soler, Spanish language TV and radio personality,author and columnist.

This is a classic beach book.
What does a good beach book do? You go on vacation, head to the sand or to the pool, slather yourself in sunscreen and open up to read a story that will take you to some other beach, a beach more exotic than the one you’re on, to a life of complex intrigue that hopefully you’ve avoided in the one you’re living.
I’m writing this from my flat in London on a cold blustery day, a day that’s anything but beach-like or summery; waiting for a plumber, I’m more than one step removed from the classic beach book experience…however, “The Tangled Web,” like my day today, has a bit of complication to it which I should say right away adds to the fun of reading it. Classic in its characters: they’re beautiful and rich. They travel around the world to glamorous cities and even more glamorous beaches on private jets and expensive boats: it’s fabulous, it’s exciting and it’s interesting.
I did, however, feel a real sadness from Ms. Lane for the very real situation taking place in her homeland of Jamaica where the plot unfolds: the corruption and disintegration of Jamaican society comes through in a very tacit way, hopefully not to the extent which takes place in the book: however, it’s there and it resonated. It’s well worth the read, though hopefully, you’ll be able to read it on a beach or by a pool: not here in the cold rain and wind of a July afternoon in the East End of London. – Jim cooper

5 stars – thrilling read!
J P Lane’s “The Tangled Web” was recommended by an old friend from the West Indies. As I was going on holiday to St Lucia, I thought it would be an ideal holiday companion. I was so glad I did. It was a thrilling read in ideal surroundings. Although pure fiction, there is a feeling of realism as the story unfolds and the players introduced.
I do hope Miss Lane produces new stories, perhaps a sequel using some of the fascinating characters she has developed. I can’t wait!! – By J

About the Author:
An advertising veteran turned author, J.P. Lane (nee Joan Forrest) was born in Kingston, Jamaica where she spent a large part of her life. Ms. Lane also lived in Puerto Rico, Malaysia and Miami, where, for almost a decade, she was a copywriter for The Miami Herald’s in-house ad agency. She is the recipient of several advertising awards, including the Addy Award and has been published in leading Florida publications, including Florida Design Magazine. Ms. Lane also writes poetry and is currently working on two other novels. She now resides in High Springs, Florida.

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