British-Jamaican Chef’s new Vegan Cooking Show Debuts on Amazon Prime TV: Filmed in UK & Jamaica

British-Jamaican Chef’s new Vegan Cooking Show Debuts on Amazon Prime TV Kirly Sue

Better known as Kirly-Sue by her cadre of worldwide fans, Susanne Kirlew is introducing food fanatics to the joys of international cuisine the vegan way. Her new cooking show, “Kirly-Sue’s Global Kitchen,” is now streaming via Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. and UK.

Shot in location in Montego Bay, Jamaica and in the UK, the three-part series is a combination of cooking show and travelogue that also features a panel of taste-testers. The show encourages individuals to try new recipes for themselves, while learning more about the many vegan options available.

Kirlew is also the show’s executive producer and begins “Kirly-Sue’s Global Kitchen” by traveling to where the ingredients are grown and learn how they’re utilized in local cuisine, before returning to the UK and creating her vegan version of the dish.

The chef, presenter, cookbook author, and YouTube star was born and raised in London to Jamaican parents. A vegetarian for more than 25 years, her Jamaican roots are reflected in all of her cooking and baking endeavors. The show is a monumental undertaking that’s highlighted by multiple locations and drone footage.

Kirlew excels as a host and has a background in theatre. She was the presenter and co-producer of the holiday program “Shop, Eat, Visit.” An avid traveler, she’s visited more than 36 countries encompassing Denmark, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Norway, and the U.S. Virgin Islands in search of new recipes upon which to place her own unique style.

Individuals around the world are becoming increasingly aware of vegan alternatives to traditional ingredients and finished dishes. Even major companies are introducing vegan options to their standard menu. “Kirly-Sue’s Global Kitchen” offers an excellent way to experience a vegan lifestyle infused with Jamaican spice.

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