Did brother, his mom tamper with Dad’s title

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
If they did tamper with the title, I truley wonder what to do. My brother and his mom both seems to have tampered with dad’s title. The matter is, before my dad past away he found out that his title was tampered with by my brother and his mother. He felt strongly that my brother and his mother did the tampering. He told me that they somehow added their names as joint partners without his knowledge.
The attorney who my dad hired discovered that someone may tamper with the title. This was after my dad asked him to check out the title. At that time, the title was showing three names as owners, my brothers, his mother’s, and my father who’s name who was on it alone. My father died and I need to continue.

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RESPONSE: Dear Josh,
It really is not clear what you are outlining. Did you go and see the attorney your dad hired before he died. The one who discovered that the title was being tampered with. Can you say what it is that you need researched or assistance with. Please explain more about your matter. Please detail what it is that you are seeking to do. Please outline what proof and authority you are relying on. Lastly, please be reminded that there are legal aid clinics and attornies who work at reasonable fees.
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