Buju Banton Returns to the USA: Dancehall Legend Rejoices as He Regains US Visa

After over 5 years, renowned dancehall artist Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, is back in the United States. The celebrated artist, known for hits like “Wanna Be Loved,” expressed his gratitude, declaring, “God is amazing.”

In a surprise announcement made by DJ Khaled during a live Instagram video, Buju Banton was welcomed back to the USA with open arms. “Buju Banton is back in America,” Khaled announced enthusiastically, highlighting the significance of this return after such a long absence.

In his own words, Buju conveyed his excitement, sending love to his fans and expressing his joy at being back in the States. “It’s a long time I haven’t seen you. It’s a long time these feet have not walked these shores. Let’s get music going,” he said, embracing the moment.

Buju Banton in Miami - 1

The atmosphere was one of celebration, with DJ Khaled emphasizing the significance of the occasion. “This is a celebration. We are having lunch and we are celebrating with the Banton,” he proclaimed, acknowledging Buju’s return as a momentous event.

Buju Banton’s return marks a significant chapter in his life and career. Deported to Jamaica in 2018 following a lengthy legal battle, the artist is now back in the US, ready to reconnect with his audience and continue his musical journey.

Photo – DJ Khaled