Cannot Out Run A Bunch Of Bees

"Mi was born inna Jamaica, dat is Kingston Jamaica yuh see. Mi did live inna one place call Washington Garden’s near Duheny park yuh see, lawd mi did love deh yuh see mi use to have some good times as pickney. Mi is a big woman now, and mi still have family live there.

Lawd YUH GWEN LAUGH YUH SEE! Yuh see when mi did likkle pickney, me and mi likkle bredda, big sista, bigger cousins and likkler cousins dem use to play one game call who can out run de Bee’s dem, yuh see we use to have some big, big tree’s inna we back yard and we use to climb dem , dem high up yuh know, "well" de tree dem use to full with Bees hive and de bravest one out of de group have to climb to de closest Bee hive, and de other bravest one have to stand under the tree and shout out (ON YUH MARK GET SET "GO") meanwhile de other one dem have fi line up fi run and de one up inna de tree have fi (JUCK or in other word PUSH OFF) the Bee hive on the word GO, den jump down and run too, aaaahhhhh , DID WE EVER OUT RUN DE BEES OOOOHHH

NNNOOOOO MI PEOPLE! We all use to full a bee sting, den on top of it we all a bawl because Granny used to give we some licks on toppa di bee sting, because every time she tell is doh go trouble di bees dem, "Me Love" We go and try and try all di time fi outrun di bees dem without any success to this day. Di moral of dis story is: Yuh cannot outrun a bunch of bees. We nickname? Fool, fool pickney! LOL @ ME.

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