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Jamaican Businesses – Atlanta Area

The majority of Jamaican businesses in Atlanta involve food. Anywhere you are in Atlanta there is bound to be a Jamaican restaurant near you. Some estimate that there are more than 120 Jamaican restaurants in the metro area. In addition, there are numerous grocery stores, meat shops and bakeries. The largest restaurants include Kool Runnings which has three locations, Golden Krust which has two locations and Royal Caribbean Bakery with one location.

To supply all these restaurants with meat, food and drinks, there are several food distributors such as Ocho Rios, Scotchy’s International, Jefferson Martin and Tropic Products International. And there are many real estate companies helping to locate housing for those moving to Atlanta; also associated with these are mortgage brokers, insurance agents, home remodeling companies and attorneys to handle the closings.

Whatever service one can name there are Jamaican businesses that provide it in Atlanta. Whether it’s a doctor, dentist, hairdresser, printer, musician, travel agent or caterer, you can be sure that a Jamaican is in the business.

The following list provides examples of Jamaican businesses in Atlanta:

  • AEB Technology –.770.313.4019
  • Captain Mike’s Jerk Chicken & Seafood — 770.498.1873
  • Car Tech Auto & Body Repair — 770.434.6385
  • Clayton’s Realty, Inc — 770.465.8100
  • JAPH Management Services, CPA — 770.918.8586
  • Jefferson -Martin, Inc – 404.725-.6080
  • Karl P. Stewart Building & Civil Engineering Contractors — 678.576.4260
  • Roberts family Dentistry — 404.243.0217
  • Royal Caribbean Bakery — 404.299.7714
  • Redan Hairston Pediatric & Adult Medicine — 404.297.1818
  • Scotchy’s International — 404.505.9950
  • Withmore Web Designs, Inc — 678.393.9276

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