Sporting summery dresses and slacks with boldly printed flowers and other designs, adults and children alike walked, strolled and smiled at each other chatting outside of the tent a little more loudly than once underneath where soft whispers were the order of the day.

Sassafrassing in the grass ‘an
Busy consuming all of the natural foods they offerin’
My second exhilarating night on the scene
At a place that I had never been
Being like I had never been
African locks flow down the shoulders ‘an backs
of our pretty reds and browns and yellows and blacks;
All Jamaicans and Jamaican wanna-bees.

One a judge, some students and other ordinary people
All in a place exchanging ideas and offering intellect
On a kaleidoscope of topics; some frightening,
Some sweet and others very daring to say the least.
Storytelling angels on earth; poetic preachers unearth

Topics a little political, some risque and Treasure Beach
Was perfumed with the salty ocean air and the words
Rolling off the tongues of those who were not so engaged
Eating, sipping, laughing.

Then me again, in my white jeans
Black ‘n white bamboo blouse, real tight jeans.
Blouse, loosely-fitting and perfect so the sea breeze
Can cross-ventilate through the sleeves
While I watched the sun enveloped
With clouds that had developed
Their own silver lining
In an intimate relationship with the passing
Of the six o’clock hour
And I was calabashing.

Calabashing with new rhythms and sounds in my soul
Sandals comfortable against my toes and sole
Soul refreshed by the dutiful, beautiful
Pictures that strange new people of a similar ilk
Painted in my mind on pure silk
And I was Calabashing.

My first time Calabashing
In the presence of two of the daughters
Of one of my most love and favorite poets…

Evan Jones. The poem I learned that taught me many things
The poet that so many people loved but I loved the most.
That Banana Man who everybody knew
With pride and the big right hand he grew
Hills of yam and coconut
For a beggar man he was not.

At Calabash I was calabashing like Miss Lou would have loved
Calabashing at Treasure Beach, a treasure trove.
Calabashing in the promotion of Justice, peace and love.