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Can Blacks be racist against Whites

Markdown:Racism is a belief that a particular race is the primary determinant of human traits and capabilities and that the racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. No where is this more evident than in white society and has been a constant theme in black life for over 600 hundred years.Racism is therefore the nuclear boom of physical and physiological and moral destruction of a people. It is the greatest evil of mankind perpetrated by whites through the medium of a white dominated world.Racism invites the exploitation of an entire race of people, dehumanizing them while maintaining and preserving the system through injustice, segregation, discrimination and all other facets of human endeavors that robs a people of their respectful place in history, their culture, their dignity and right to self determination.To analyze racism is to carefully examine human foibles entirely connected to historical truths of how blacks were and are treated by whites from the so called justice systems straight down to the commoner of the streets.To the racist, prejudice and discrimination is perfectly natural and not immoral base upon a distinction of skin color. This gives rise to the inherent notion (albeit a false one) that natural preferences and privileges comes with being white with the exclusion of the entire black race from the blessings of the upper echelons of a so called civilized society.Racism has cause blacks to be denied proper and equivalent education, healthcare, housing, jobs, justice and other faculties of human life. The end result of which poverty, illiteracy and other ills of social decadency becomes color coded. In essence it becomes black.It is therefore mute to even suggest that blacks can be racist even as the proverbial black blood is still dripping from the finger tips of a white racist society. To say that blacks can be racist against whites is liken to a black person calling a white person a nigger. What effect can or will that really have?I hope by spelling out the word nigger I have indeed shock the sensibility of the reader for in so doing my point is made clear. If I had used the N-word it would have taken away the sting of degradation, the hurt and torture of what racism is all about. Now there are no benefits gained from blacks who may ‘discriminate’ against whites for whites still would not be deprived of anything. They would still maintain their status and privilege within the society base on skin color. The white power structure will not be rattled let alone crumble under a so called black racism. Such does not exist and is not practical.Conversely, if a white person should utter the word nigger in the presence of blacks the sting and torture of racism takes hold in the body, mind and spirit of all blacks.Racism always brings with it an economic foundation to those who practice it while those who are subjects will harbor upon themselves abstract poverty, brutality and condemnation.Racism inculcates a sense of inferiority and fear upon its victims stripping them of their self worth and pride. It gives racist, a power structure of authority and awe while the inevitable position of bearing the yoke of oppression, serfdom, peons and slaves are cast upon blacks.Any assault upon white establishment cannot be by blacks merely being racist against whites, for racism are the suppression of civil liberties, human rights, freedom and the covert and open lynching of humanity. No where in this universe blacks have such control, dominance or inhumane inflictions upon whites, not even on the continent of Africa where the vast majority of the population are blacks.Racism must therefore not be confused with that which is used by the oppress in protest and resistance to the oppressors or oppression. The person with the yoke around their neck cannot be classified in the same way as the ones that place it there.

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