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Can my neighbour sue me for Jamaica cash pot monies?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

A woman from my neighbourhood gave me a summons to go to court. She said I owe her $1510.00 for trusting her cash pot and that I took $600 worth of goods from her. I do not know her as selling anything, and as far as I can remember when I told her to put money on the cash pot for me I was joking. The cash pot had just started in Jamaica, and she was just someone who was running a little something out of her yard. She claimed she pay more money than the actual outlets and so I told her a couple of times to place money on a number for me. If it had won, we would have shared the winnings. Now as for the goods, I dont know what she is talking about as I have never seen her sell anything but cash pot. This woman has never asked me for any money or sent anyone to me to ask me back for any money. I just got this summons out of the blue and it said I owe her these monies since 2003, over ten years ago. I a wondering what to do, so I am writing to ask you for suggestions.

Maria Smalling

RESPONSE: Dear Maria,

There doesnt seem anything in your report to be worried about. First of all the issue about the cash pot that you admit to is over ten years old. She was also running an illegal cash pot business and therefore has no valid claim in a court of law. The second claim for $600 does not seem to be going anywhere either because it happened over ten years ago. Jamaica law says you cannot start a claim if the issue happened over six years. 

In any event, there is too much controversy over the $600 to be taken seriously. 

There are other factors that need to be considered such as the time and money it takes to retrieve this sum if the neighbour wins and you refuse to pay her.

You should go to court and explain you side to the Resident Magistrate conducting the hearing with confidence.

Legal Wiz

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