Cannabis Store to Open in Montego Bay

Cannabis Store to Open in Montego Bay

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD) is opening its second legal cannabis retail store in Jamaica is in Montego Bay. The store is being opened via a partnership with Epican Medicinals and will be located on the city’s “Hip Strip,” the main tourist shopping area in Montego Bay. It will be opened for business on May 4, 2019. The cannabis dispensary is the second one to be opened by the company, the first being the Herb House in Kingston, which opened in June 2018. TGOD has a 49.18 percent share in Epican, the first completely integrated firm receiving a second retail license from the Cannabis Licensing Authority in Jamaica.

As the country’s second-largest city and a popular destination for tourists, Montego Bay also functions as a major docking spot for cruise ships, duty-free shopping, and the area in which Jamaica’s largest airport is located. According to Brian Athalide, CEO of TGOD, his organization is proud of what its Jamaican team has accomplished. The store in Montego Bay offers a bright and well-designed space that is perfect for serving both local and visiting patients with locally produced, premium, organic cannabis.

Epican plans to follow up on its success by opening three additional dispensaries, known as Herb Houses, in Jamaica. These stores will combine with online ordering and serve the medical needs of Jamaica’s three million residents and its three-million-plus visitors per year. The firm is also partnering to build a GMP-compliant facility on the island. After being licensed for the expansion, Epican plans to grow premium strains of cannabis for the local and international markets. Jamaica is already known as a top destination for cannabis, and Epican has deep roots there. Its founders, the McKenzie brothers, have been instrumental in fostering the country’s medical cannabis industry for some time and received the first cultivation license in Jamaica’s history.

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