Rapper Cardi B Shoots Video in Jamaica

Cardi B in Jamaica

Cardi B, the rapper known for her hit “Bodak Yellow,” arrived in Jamaica on November 2, 2017, by private jet to shoot a video for her single “Sooner” in Portland. “Sooner” is being produced by Rvssian for his label, Head Concussion Records. Cardi B is one of 2017’s most surprising success stories, with “Bodak Yellow” becoming Number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. She is only the second female rapper to have a chart-topping song; Lauryn Hill was the first in 1998.

Fans learned of her visit when she sent a message on Instagram stating “On my way to Jamaica!” on November 1. Cardi B shared the view from her villa at Gee Jam where she is reported to be staying in Port Antonio.

Cardi b with reggae dancehall producer Rvssian in Jamaica

Cardi b with popular reggae dancehall producer Rvssian in Jamaica

Born Belcalis Almanzar to a Trinidadian mother and a Dominican father, she is known for her distinct Spanish accent and her use of New York street slang. She spent her formative years between Highbridge in the South Bronx, a Latino-majority neighborhood, and her grandmother’s home in Washington Heights. Her parents split before she entered her teens, but she grew up with 36 cousins.

Cardi B began working as a stripper at the age of 19, and after four years, she had earned enough to become financially independent. While still working as a stripper, she took to the Internet, making Vines and videos, which went viral and attracted a following on social media. She became an Instagram influencer and hosted club events. Her notoriety on Instagram got her a spot on “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” a reality TV show. Although she was on the show for only two seasons, she became famous for having one of its most memorable feuds, which inspired the song “Foreva”on her debut mixtape.

Cardi B in Jamaica shooting video

After leaving the TV show, Cardi B got serious about a music career and released several remixes and singles for a few years before releasing her first full-length mixtape in 2016. In 2017, she made a “mega-deal” with Atlantic Records, which brought out her “Bodak Yellow” single in June. The song was praised by fans, critics, and musicians nationwide and ultimately made the top of the Hot 100 chart.

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