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Carnival in Jamaica

Jamaica Carnival, a time of excitement and fun in the sun.

Many Jamaicans and many other people from around the world look forward to this hot and exciting event that comes around only once a year.

Carnival is held at various locations on our precious island, Jamaica. People of various tones, shapes, and sizes come together as one. People jumping up and down in the streets dancing in their skimpy colorful and sometimes daring outfits to the fun loving calypso music.

If you are wondering what to wear to such an event, well it is totally up to you. The less the better. You can be creative too. If you think you’ll feel out of place, you won’t!!

Before coming to this exciting event, one should leave all pride, shyness, and selfishness at home, because Carnival will definitely the kid out of you.

Oh, before I forget. Don’t be alarmed or irate when a three hundred pound woman in her two-piece bathing suit accidentally bounces into you or steps on you toe as she shakes her thing, because she is just trying to have some fun too!!

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