Staycation: A Chat with Enrico Pezzoli at Grand Palladium Jamaica

Grand Palladium

Why vacation anywhere else? is taking you on a journey around the island; making stops at the best hotels, restaurants, and entertainment spots in Jamaica to remind you why this small, Caribbean territory can be described as an island paradise.

We’re not quite finished with our feature on the lovely, family resort, the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa.  Located almost half an hour from the City of Montego Bay, the Grand Palladium sits atop a view of the Caribbean Sea, with a total of three beaches washing its shores. After an enthralling tour of the resort, I had the opportunity to sit down with its newly-appointed General Manager, Enrico Pezzoli who landed the position in September 2017.

I wasted no time asking him about his important role at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa and to get more details about the services offered at this hotel.

Grand Palladium

1.What amenities and services do the Grand Palladium Jamaica offer guests?

We have a great infrastructure here that caters to both adult and families. We have one of the largest pools in Jamaica.  Our waterpark is a favourite among kids and we have staff members who entertain kids in our kid’s club (a lounge for babies and small children).

Palladium is marketed as a family resort so we have activities that cater to those needs. However, as you may have seen we have some sections that are dedicated to adults only such as the bar and private pools and our beach cove which is unique to the Palladium.

2.Which is your favourite part of the resort?

I would say the view from the Infinity Bar. The Infinity overlooks (our largest) pool and (it) is a great hangout spot where there are usually performers. It (also) gives an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and serves as an ideal spot for taking pictures.

A view of the Infinity Pool

3. The weddings manager told me that the resort plans up to 16 weddings per week during peak season. Grand Palladium Jamaica seems to have a very successful wedding service, tell me a little about it.

It is very successful. Jamaica is a popular location for honeymooners and persons who want to get married and we have a team dedicated to that. They are very good and work hard to ensure that the bride and groom have the time of their lives. We start planning for months before to ensure that everything is organized perfectly. There are many great spots on the grounds to choose from, so it is all up to the couples to decide where they want their weddings to happen.


A Wedding Ceremony at Grand Palladium Jamaica


A Wedding Ceremony at Grand Palladium Jamaica

4. And what provisions are there for the honeymoon?

With over a thousand rooms available, we have a full portfolio of suites and bungalows to choose from where they can enjoy their time.

5. Can you explain the difference between the Grand Palladium Jamaica and the Lady Hamilton?

They are both in the same compound as it is one hotel; however, there are two lobbies, the Lady Hamilton and Jamaica. The difference between both lies mainly in the amenities; seeing that the Lady Hamilton has been recently renovated, the suites cost a little higher than Jamaica. Plans are in place to renovate the rooms in Jamaica soon; right now we are looking at upgrading the TVs in the rooms. We are working on installing fiber-optic, internet service for those tech-savvy guests and this should be made available for January of next year (2018).

Grand Palladium Jamaica Lobby

6. Now let’s talk about rates. How affordable are the rates for locals?

Despite having a large number of guests from Europe and other countries, we are very much focused on the local market because Jamaicans love the Grand Palladium. It has become easier for persons to travel from Kingston due to the new highway, especially during the weekend and we try to cater to their tastes as best as possible. We do have specials, especially at certain times of the year. We have rates from as low as USD$120 per night.

7. Why should visitors choose Grand Palladium as their vacation spot?

Grand Palladium has a unique location seeing that we are not stuck in the hustle and bustle of Montego Bay. At the same time, we are offering a lot of different services for every possible need. We have attractions for families and for couples, a unique (feature) seeing that other resorts are either catering for families or couples. We are dedicated to bringing you fantastic service and to top that off, we have a full-proof environmentally friendly plan as well. The Grand Palladium team has taken bold steps towards proper waste management and alternative energy resources.

Grand Palladium Jamaica_ Enrico Pezzoli and Ashleigh-Ann Mowatt ( journalist)

8. Finally, what do you like most about your job?

It’s a combination of many things. First of all, it is not a boring job. Every day is different, some days are perfect, some make you want to cry but I love it. It has been my passion for many years. I love to see the guests enjoying themselves.

Isn’t that something?  Thank you, Enrico!

What can we say? Our stay at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa was a lovely mix of great food, entertainment, and good vibe. Thumbs up to Enrico Pezzoli and his team! This resort is most definitely on our list of vacation stops in Jamaica.

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