"What I have learnt"

Well, there’s been several things that I’ve learnt during my year here at school. The first thing being that there are several different pronunciations of the word Buju. That Jamaica is located in several different places in the world but mainly in Africa and that we are all expected to know how to braid hair.

The most important thing that I’ve learnt however, is that seeing sun does not mean that it will be warm.

I mean, at home we tend to take certain things for granted. When we have sun we know that it’ll be a hot day and when it rains that it’ll be relatively cooler and all the jackets and sweaters that we’ve had for years finally come out. Here things are different. The sun here is mainly for lighting purposes. You know so you can tell the difference between day and night and people are glad when it snows because it gets warmer. I’m serious it’s true. I thought they were mad at first but it actually happens.Now, when snow in a country actually causes the place to warm up we have a problem. Snow is not supposed to make things warmer the sun is. I think that Jamaica has the right idea. Sun for light and heat and no snow whereas here it’s sun for light and cold and the snow allows things to warm up a degree or two. I don’t know about you but I prefer the sun for the purposes that we use it for at home.

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