"A can’t take it no more"

Alright I’ve had enough. Remember Higher Learning well if anyone hears about me climbing some tower and shooting someone you’ll know why. It’s not race, oh no, because once snow and breeze a blow we are all white.

Let me tell all a unno a little story. Christine was a young girl who dreamed of getting an education and becoming a Marine Biologist so she packed her little bags and headed to Nova Scotia land of dolphins,whales,seals and Dalhousie University which was supposed to give her this opportunity. Her head was full of visions of working alongside prominent members in the field but it never work out so. Instead every day Christine is trudging in the cold and can’t say a word because everybody else used to it. But let me explain what brought this little tirade on today.

Christine woke up this morning with the idea that today would be a warm day of 7 degrees Celsius which believe me is warm here. She decided to put on a relatively thinner sweater than what she normally did along with her big and heavy coat but she decided just to check before she ventured outside into the frozen north, and lo and behold one piece a snow was blowing so she had to venture back inside and put on one of the heavier sweaters that she had. Nothing new in that so her day started. When she came back from her 8:30 class her next class was at 1:00 and it was much worse. Snow was piled up and you could have been walking with one foot on the sidewalk and the other on the road and you’d a never know. Anyway, trudging uphill in this pile of blasted snow I finally made it to class only to see the sign “Philosophy 1000 cancelled” a just’ cuss two bad word and leave to trudge back downhill back to my house only to see a plow coming straight after me pushing me and the snow down the side of the hill. Don’t worry a never drop but I did have to walk back up the hill to walk down it again. And just think I have classes till 7 tonight. So all of you who have decided to ski and ice skate I am never joining your ranks ’cause that not happening to me. Your very cold friend.