Christmas Message from Dr. Allan Cunningham, Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representative for the South East USA

Fellow Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica. It is certainly my pleasure to wish you and your family a peaceful, happy, and memorable Christmas.

I do hope that you all are doing well, in good spirits, and continue to follow the COVID-19 Protocols.

I am Dr. Allan Cunningham the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Representative the 13 Southern states in the US.

I am privileged to sit at the Table with the Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Kamini Johnson Smith, and with our colleagues around the world where Jamaicans live, work, and raise their families.

We are on a mission of empowering our collective diaspora. All our resources, talents and vision will be placed on the table. No one shall be left behind. We are committed and we know you are too. Therefore, this is the moment for all of us to stand with brand Jamaica. Let’s show the world who we are as Jamaicans.

Next year our beloved Jamacia will be celebrating 60 years of independence. We are truly grateful as we plan a plethora of activities to commemorate this milestone. Please join us as we demonstrate our national and civic pride.

Let’s remind ourselves that brand Jamaica is indeed our focus. Let’s encourage every single Jamaican here in the diaspora to continue to innovate and create businesses that spans all 13 Southern states, no longer should we market to any one county or state. Let’s make full use and compliment of the market that’s available to us right here in the Southern United States by setting the foundations so that all of us can benefit. When we in the diaspora grows economically, politically, and socially, then Jamaica will benefit immensely.

In 2022, Lets start by fostering and strengthening our relationship through greater Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication.

In the end, we should not ask what the diaspora can do for us but what can we do for the diaspora, that’s how we grow, and that’s how we empower each other.

Our national pledge states, “I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigor of my body in the service of my fellow citizens”

Let’s live our dream while securing the future for all Jamaicans living here in the diaspora as well as back home.

One love my Jamaican family! Thanks for the opportunity you have given us, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022. Big up uno selves! Walk good! One love!