Why Christmas in Jamaica is Better

Why Christmas in Jamaica is Better

Jamaica is a very special place to be at Christmas time.  – CurtisD.
Certain flowers will bloom and there is a festive mood in the air that cannot be found anywhere else.
The smell of the cooking of foods that are only done at Christmas will float through the air.
Gate posts, rocks lining a driveway and tree trunks are given a coat of whitewash paint
Even the music is unique. It is a joy to listen to carols being played with a tropical beat that will fill your ears with pleasure.
Dancing on the white sand beaches listening to a reggae version of Jingle Bells will live with you forever.
A dip in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean on Christmas day is the perfect way to welcome Santa.
Many million Jamaicans now live abroad and the common joke is that we hope
they will not all return home at the same time or the island will sink.
However, from Dec 15th to Jan 6th, it is difficult to get in and out of Jamaica easily.
All us returning citizens come down to visit family, friends, relatives
and simply because there is no other place like Jamaica at this time.
We bring extra money, gifts and joy to everyone.
Make your plans early to avoid disappointments.
Mark your bags very clearly to avoid confusion and loosing them.
The festive spirit is very catching and you will soon be a part of all the revelry.
If you can, please do not miss the chance to do it.

The hotels are just steel, wood and concrete structures.

It is the friendly spirit and warm hospitality of the Jamaican citizens that you will remember long after you get back home.
Get off the hotel property and enjoy the vibes and feeling of Christmas on the island.

Christmas in Jamaica is thee best because – Tictoc
You get to ride the glistening white sand on a sledge with a ripped chested half naked hunky santa!
You can have fresh fish or chicken cooked deliciously instead of the usual dutty frozen turkey from walmart!
You wake up to the sunshine and sunbeams instead of running sneezing to switch your heat on full blast!
You get to see what the real gifts in life are all about,caring sharing loving talking cooking seeing feelings,instead of just who has the most expensive gifts.
You may get to share xmas with a famous reggae artiste instead of your usual nosey neighbours!
The cooking cleaning shopping is all done for you and speciality cocktails come with it all standard!
You decorate palm trees instead of xmas trees
The vibes are brilliant.
You can sing we wish you a reggae Christmas! and instead of choosing woolly hats for xmas you can choose bikinis!

It does not get betta dan dat – Evanovitch
Wen u live abroad u miss the essence of really interacting with ur friends…the daily give and take, the easy pick up on thoughts, the follow through on conversations….in essence, being around ur friends who know wat u mean, the context in wich u mean it , widdout all the misunderstandings and misconceptions etc

plus only in Ja could this happen….going home one Xmas to avoid a sudden burst of really cold weather and nuff snow, i took the opportunity to sun miself on the lawn early one morning…the cool weather had extended itself so that Ja was getting a bit of it…but cool in Ja for u the NA dweller is not the same….i was enjoying the lovely weather as i saw it..sunny as i saw it…

a car drove by and then reversed…i just knew it was someone coming to welcome mi home fi Xmas…however a stranger asked me if i was home from farrin fi Chrismuss…’yes’ i replied an asked how he knew…ansa was ‘ u did ongle fool outside a try sun eena dis cole wedda’….

ah Jamaica…land of the truth sayers….it does not get betta dan dat….

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