Christmas Market or Grand Market

Christmas Market or Grand Market as it was also called was held on the morning of Christmas Day. These special markets occupied the front doors of legitimate business who were closed for the holiday in the town or village square. No public or private transportation was allowed into the special part of town that the market was held. Early Christmas Morning, children would rise early and dressed in their Christmas Best Clothing (new clothing), would accompany their parent(s) to this special market where all the toys that a child has ever seen are on sale. These toys are usually imported by vendors. Christmas Market was the highlight of every child’s holiday. Victoria Craft Market, which was at the Ocean Hotel at the bottom of King Street was a famous Christmas Market as was the area known as Parade.

Children would be entertained by local bands playing and to make as much noise as they could without being scolded. The stalls were brightly decorated to attract buyers. In the rural areas, children went to Grand Market which was on held on Christmas Eve.

In the olden days at the Kingston Christmas Market children would ride the ferry to Port Royal or go to the Christmas morning concert at Ward Theatres. It was a full day of fun for both children and adults alike.

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