Chronicles of a Jamaican Uber Driver Part 6 – Race & Neurosis

Chronicles of a Jamaican Uber Driver Race Neurosis

In my travels as an Uber driver, like other drivers, there are certain areas that are a delight to work in and others – not so good. My nemesis is Manhattan. Now before the Manhattanites throw up their arms and shout ‘not fair’, I’m not generalizing, but for the most part, my driving experiences in Manhattan have proportionally been worse than other areas in which I’ve driven. I can only chalk that experience down to the pressure cooker that Manhattan has become. Whether it’s the incessant noise from cars that travail the roadways night and day, to the trains (overland and subway) that provide a constant rumble to the inconvenient road works that seem to pop up overnight on every street corner, leaving a stench of death in its wake or perhaps it’s just that people in Manhattan are an angry, ungrateful and privileged lot.

All of my bad experiences in Manhattan can be laid squarely at the foot of race and neurosis. While other races certainly have their share of problems, in MY experience, that lethal combination shows up the most when I’m working in Manhattan. Whether the riders who display their downright nasty behavior are intimidated by an intelligent black woman is not for me to say, but I will say that I get more pushback when I defend my position – I guess in these times I’m not supposed to have an intelligent cohesive response to rude or mean behavior. Things might become clearer if I give an example of what I’m talking about.

You know those times when you encounter someone that you just know is going to be problematic, well that happened last week when I picked up a rider (who was obviously late for a lunch appointment – strike 1). Somehow those riders always criticize the route you are taking (strike 2) and then they want to ask you personal questions that you know stem from the fact that your intelligence and articulate responses are a surprise to them (strike 3). Anywho, the ride ended and I knew that was not going to be the end of the affair. Lo and behold the complaints and negative comments on the rider’s experience were many – so much so that it raised a commentary from Uber. Well, of course, I had my rebuttal ready. I know Uber is designed to please its riders, but without the drivers, there is no Uber. So the next time you bring your neurosis into my vehicle, be warned – there will be pushback.

The comments for this portion of my chronicles is not based on any documented evidence, no – it’s just my personal opinion which, under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, I am free to post it.

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