Clowning On The Merri-Go-Round – Poem

To solve this simple equation !” said the teacher,

“If X equals Y, then Y demands an answer

“Is cloning a sort of scientific clowning?” asked the parson of the clown;
“Oh no!” the clown replied,
“T think it’s rather obvious!”
“You may be right!” the acrobat said,
“I must t try it on the trapezee!”
“That you must not do,” the lion tamer warn’d,
“You mean the chimpanzee. Let’s try the lion with the tiger.”
“Oooch!” exclaimed the ventriloquist,
“That would be damningly semantic! The giraffes would be curious And the elephants may object!”

“It’s traumatic!” shouted the wrestlers;
“It ain’t exactly amoral,” the parson denounced;
“Stop the clowning! Oops, I mean the cloning! No! The clowning! It will disrupt the eschatology!”
“Rev?” queried the circus master,
“You mean the ecology! “

“We are talking about cloning,” the ventriloquist reminded,
“I am always for new ideas I could use in puppetry.”
“I think it doesn’t matter!” cried the tumbler,
“As long as the trampoline keeps running.”
“Me too,” cried the operator,
“The Ferris Wheel is very popular, as well as the Merri-go-round.”
“Don’t forget the fireworks!” shouted the pyrotechnician,
“That’s the main attraction!”

“Well,” asked the teacher,
“Will someone quickly answer;
In this simple equation:
Why is X equal to Y?”

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