Cockpit Country – Shafted and Blasted?

By all appearances, we the people, and the delicate natural resource called the Cockpit Country, are being shafted again by our Government.  I see that the relentless mining plans are now going ahead again –  as usual without regard to hard fought for past assurances and decisions.

We, the concerned, intelligent, ordinary (and extraordinary!) people of Jamaica are being taken for blind idiots.

We don’t want any new roads, holes, mines, or any other man made destruction to take place in the Cockpit Country, which is the very living, breathing, natural HEART of Jamaica and our people, plants and animals.

STOP the drilling, the shafting, the digging etc., and stop the behind-the-scenes manipulation, secrecy and craftiness.  Have I made myself clear?  I know that I speak for any Jamaican who values and cherishes our wonderful inheritance of natural beauty – our Cockpit Country.

But, because they think they can, our very own Government, whose statements, laws and promises we are expected to believe and uphold, are allowing this destruction to take place…why?

Ask them.  As I understand it, they own Noranda.  D-UHHHH!!!


Leave this land alone!  We will fight this!

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Sadan Tayad