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Legal Wiz: A man swindled me – Is his company still in operation in Jamaica?

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QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
A man swindled me out of over one million dollars. I loan him the money, and he said he would have repaid me when his company was more stable.
When I went into the hospital it turned out there was no bank account as he claimed. Some woman answered his phone since and told me I wasnt the first nor the last, but he didnt have the money.
I need to track his company. I need to take him to Court.
Please help.
Suzan Howe

RESPONSE: Dear Suzan,
The best place would be to go to the Registrar of Companies to check if his company is still in operation. You need to take him to court and secure your court order. Do this whilst you are checking him out. You can keep the order alive until he pays up. Several options are available to you once you have your order intact. Just dont try to take matters in your own hand, but prepare to spend some dollars to get at least investigations done.
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