Consciousness Is A Must

…consciousness is a must

righteousness is like a dust

peace they must have

their belly must be full

them treat them like fools

them never went to school

them have no tools

them brothers cool

down in Africa they suffering

poverty is threatening

the epidemic is spreading

but aint nobody is watching.

they dont understand it

for they should abandon it

my people aint no bandits

neither are their rabbits

to live in bushes

sold to churches

white man prophecies

misunderstanding Gods prophet

you need to listen to the trumpets

holy Rasta’s, black people movements

ol masters, runs the government

and the consciousness live on.

my soul lives on

your soul lives on

our soul lives on

everybody soul lives on

milestone to the annihilation of earth

when total peace gives birth on earth

heaven on earth when we all become one

understanding all that is true

the force behind evolution

along with revolution

its a long answer

it takes the most patience

to be that confidence

the everlasting soul searching

parallel’s to being all true

your Gods given true colors

living your life like you supposed to

every throne deserves a king

and every king deserves a queen

every man deserves his own simpleness

untill that is achieved there will never be peace

untill that is fulfilled there will always be war

all your joys will be flattered with pain…

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