“Change all the time” – A Conversation With Jamaican Actress & Comedian Maliaka Bryce

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

Actress, Voice over specialist and Comedian, Maliaka Bryce won the 2015 Top Stand-up Comedian Award at Canada’s Caribbean Entertainment Awards. She was also recently named among the “Top 100 Canadian Black Women to Watch” and earned the 2015 Role Model and Achiever title at the Black Canadian Awards. Her acting credits include playing the voice of Ms. Bunty on the Nickelodeon animated series ‘Max & Ruby’ and repeat appearance on the “Ity and Fancy Cat Show”.

As the founder of FeelGUDPromotions – a Jamaican based Event Planning and Media Production Company, Maliaka has established herself as having an enviable reputation for the past 15 years as an engaging and exciting Master of Ceremonies helping clients to celebrate special milestone events with elegance and humor while creating wholesome, fond lifelong memories. Here is our conversation with Maliaka Bryce.

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

Tell us how you got into acting and performing?
My mom. She deserves all the credit. At one point in our lives, my Parents, mostly my mom, decided to homeschool my brother and I. To keep us social she enrolled us in every music, and arts program she could find. Naturally, we rebelled and complained, and never practiced but she dragged us to piano, karate, guitar you name it… ballet class left scars, it was the worst. At nine years old I was already very developed mature girl unlike all the other girls in the class who started training from 3 years old and where fit with tiny little ballerina bodies that looked nothing like mine did. I towered over everyone in the class and they kept trying to tie down my little breast dem to fit in outfits. In ever recital, the teacher made me dance the part of the big tree “that never moved”. I stood in the back the whole show.

Now, I couldn’t live a minute without the arts. My Mom looks at me and just shakes her head.

Tell us about your involvement in “Ity and Fancy Cat”?
An incredible experience. I had the opportunity to write and star in a number of skits that aired in 9th, 10th and Final Season of the “Ity and Fancy Cat Show”. The first day at the writing table I couldn’t even breath. I had to keep pinching myself cause Blakka Ellis was sitting on my right Fancy Cat on my left Ian Ellis in front of me ….like really?!? Rosa Ellis and the entire production team was/ is legendary. I learned so much from them. I also performed for the past three years on the Christmas Comedy Cook-Up Comedy Show. Really fun.

How do you come up with some of the skit ideas?
Most of my skit come from my own life experiences. I take a scenario and basically stretch, and abuse the idea to its absurdity. Lots of the jokes just write themselves especially when you get at chance to work with other funny people. I can’t wait to work with comedians like Bella Baire, Quite Perry, and Lady DyDy.

Do people recognize you on the street as the “Longest Ride” “Ity and Fancy Cat”?
It’s sooo gud fi mi ego, mi nah lie. hahah Yes I have been stopped a few times. lol, Mostly young kids will recognize me and come up to me for an autograph. Adults, on the other hand, just stare at me like I owe dem money or something, then they smile and walk away, it’s very strange.

Which do you like best, doing stand up comedy or acting?
Well, for me they are both one and the same. Most of my stand-up routine involves characters and different voices as well as a lot of storytelling which mirrors the acting I do on stage or in a film.

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

Who do you admire as an actor?
Any movie, show, commercial or sound bite with Kerry Washington in it I have to watch it period. The same thing for Tarji, Hally Berry, and Gabriel Union, I study their styles and practice their faces in the mirror. lol They all have the type of range I am working towards mastering.
I watch Beyonce too but for a different reason, I watch her out of badmindness …just wanna see if she gonna flop or not. You know what I mean. lol, I have a love-hate relationship with Beyonce. Don’t Judge me!

Who is your hero?
Oprah Winfrey!! Period. Full Stop.
Everything I know about following my dreams, Becoming my own woman, the Law of Attraction, How to be a parent, Becoming a mogul and having everything your heart desires, Loving the skin I’m in, I have learned from Oprah.

Do you have any other new projects in the works?
I am so excited about the release of my first Comedy album in March 2018 “ISLAND GIRL” – The adventures of the Jafaken. Join me on my journey across the island meet my unruly country granny, my badmindness boss, and that thiefing taxi driver along the way.

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Riddim Up the station that wants to be your SECOND favorite radio show.

My friend would say the strangest thing I do is…
I chew lint from my pocket bahahaha. So embarrassing. Can’t believe I just told you that.

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

Maliaka Bryce Jamaican Actress and Comedian

If I was not in acting, I would like to be…
I operate FeelGud Promotion, a media company focused on helping people celebrate their milestone event with humor and great long-term memories by coordinating and hosting a fun and engaging event. If I wasn’t acting I would be focusing more on the Special event/ Wedding planning or the Event promotions side of my current business. I love to throw a party.

What makes you smile about Jamaica and Jamaicans?
The constant generosity and willingness of most Jamaican men to lend a helpful, helping hand to all ladies they deem attractive.

What is the motto you live by?
Oh jessh, my motto change all the time. It all depends on which life lessons life I am currently working on. I’m one of “Those people” who live in self-help sections of the bookstore. I believe we must always strive to be the be the highest version of ourselves and there is no finish line. Currently, I am reminding myself that I don’t need to protect, defend, hide or prove anything to anyone I am perfect in my imperfections. *quote inspired by Lisa Nichols, Motivational Speaker.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have any closing thoughts
Thanks again – Laughmore everyday


To learn move about Maliaka Bryce: maliaka.bryce/ maliakabryce


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