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Conversation with Italian reggae, Train to Roots

The Sardinian band, Train to Roots, is one of the most respected Italian reggae bands and has recorded 4 albums since their debut in 2004. Here is our conversation with Train to Roots.

Question: How did the band get started?
The band was born in 2004 when some of us, with passion for reggae music, decided to create a band. Since than the band has change some components, but now we finally found a great energy!  Train to Roots (TTR) are: Simone Pireddu “Bujumannu” (voice), Michele Mulas “Rootsman I” (voice), 
Antonio Leardi “Papa’Ntò” (keyboards), 
Simone Bardi “Doctor Bass” (bass), 
Stefano Manai “Stiv Man I” (guitar), Giampaolo Bolelli “Jambo” (guitar and voice) and Carlo Pippia “Groover” (drums).

Question: Tell us about the different backgrounds represented in the band ?
We have different backgrounds inside the band. We listen to a different kind of music, first of all reggae, but also hip hop, soul, funk , r’n’b , neo soul, international pop, rock… We love black music and it inspires our music.

Question: Tell us about the new song “Hot Situation”? Is it on your next album?
The song “Hot situation” is on our new album called Growing, which was released on April 1st, 2014. Hot situation was born from a personal love experience (lol) . It is a  hot meeting between a man and woman but you have to watch how the story ends in the video (lol). The tune, the video and the album are already out and you can find them on-line.

Question: Who and what are some of the band’s  influences?
Our influences are: first of all, Bob Marley, and also Damian Marley, Sizzla, Capleton, some bands like Misty In Roots, Steel Pulse, Abyssinians and all the Jamaican roots. We also love new roots, dancehall and reggamuffin.

Question: What is the reggae scene like in your country?
The Italian scene is rich ! There are many bands, singers, mc, soundsystems and it keeps growing!

Question: What was the first Reggae song you ever heard?
Bob Marley was the first one I have discovered, but the first song that I remember is Roots Controller by Misty in Roots. (answers Groover)

Question: If someone traveled to visit your country and wanted to hear reggae music where would they go?
We come from the island Sardinia, and here you can listen to reggae music everywhere, in pubs, live shows, festivals, also with your friends in the car (lol). In the rest of Italy, the best way to listen to good reggae music is going to summer festivals… there are a lot of events dedicated to this music.

Question: What style of reggae is played often in Italy? [Dancehall, Lovers, Rock, Conscious etc.] What style do the majority of fans seem to prefer?
Roots and dancehall are the most played styles, and also lovers.  People love to listen to both styles.

Question: Was the fact that Reggae is English and Patois a barrier?
It’s not a problem at all for the audience but often it is a barrier when you want to record a song because labels usually prefer Italian text.

Question: Who is your favorite Reggae Artist?
Damian Marley.

Question: Where do you think Reggae will be in 10 years time in Your country?
If people would live with love and joy and if the peaceful contents of reggae music would enter everyone’s heart, I think that this music could get everywhere in our country in 10 years.
Musically, the experimentation and contamination of other music styles will enrich reggae even more and I think the next years will be dominated by this evolution.

Question: Have you ever been to Jamaica?
Not yet , but we hope to get there soon, probably in 2015.

Question: Do you eat Jamaican food? Like what?
I like peas and rice , and red stripes (lol) (answers Groover)

Thanks for your time. Do you any closing thoughts?
God bless all of u, TTR hope to come to Jamaica very soon!

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