Cop didnt show in traffic Court after red light drama

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I was in Jamaica and traveling along Spanish Town Road. I came upon the crossing where several police officers were stationed. One officer was in the road telling all the cars to come through and I was in the middle car.
The police stopped us after telling all of us to come through. I saw the light yellow.

The officer who stopped me gave me a ticket to say I went through the red light and I didnt sign it. I went to Court but it was hard for me to say I went trough a red light because I didnt.
The man behind me was too close at the yellow and I went through when the police directed me.
Still the officer didnt show up and the Judge told me to return for mention date.
Will he come to lie?

RESPONSE: Dear Brianna,
The police will be subpoenaed if he doesnt come at the second hearing. Generally the Judge hears both sides and rules with balance as she understands what happened. Try to get the Judge to fully understand what you experienced as the officer will speak from their experience.
Be careful however as in the new print of the traffic codes an officer actually showed where in Jamaica one is to stop at the yellow light.

Legal Wiz

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