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Cornwall Beach

The gentle blue waters of Cornwall Beach on the western coast of Jamaica offer the perfect getaway for those who want to get away from it all. While not the most secluded beach on the island, Cornwall Beach is a place where visitors can succeed in escaping the bustle of urban life while still enjoying the opportunity to meet new people.

Cornwall Beach is perfect for families, groups of friends, and individuals who want some “alone time” but still crave a variety of beach amenities and attractions, including comfortable lodgings, excellent food, and visits to Jamaican sites known for their natural beauty and historical significance.

Its location on the western coast of Jamaica put Cornwall Beach near Montego Bay, which means that visitors can easily take a walk to town. The hotels near Cornwall Beach are many and vary in size, so tourists can find the best option for their unique needs. Accommodations include the Wexford Hotel, the closet to the beach, 60 rooms;
Gloustershire Hotel (0.2 miles, 96 rooms); the Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel (0.3 miles, 101 rooms); Breezes Montego Bay (0.4 miles, 124 rooms); Tobys Resort (0.6 miles, 65 rooms); and the Blue Harbour Hotel (0.6 miles, 24 rooms).

Cornwall Beach can be visited on any day of the week between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Since it is located near off the hotels in Montego Bay, vacation accommodations can be booked anywhere in the area and still have easy access to this gorgeous beach. There is an admission cost of $2.50 per adult at Cornwall Beach; admission for children is $1.50 per child. The number of people likely to be on the beach at any given time is affected by the season and time of day, among other factors. At the peak of the tourist season, Cornwall Beach is more likely to be visited by tourists than by local Jamaicans, but it is always popular among beachgoers with children, since it has the mildest of swimming conditions.

Among the natural attractions near Cornwall Beach are the Airport Reef, which is located 1.4 miles to the southwest, and the Cockpit Country, just 13 miles from the beach. Visitors interested in the history and culture of Jamaica have many choices, including a visit to the Gallery of West Indian Art, the Bob Marley Performance Center, Barnett Estates, and Croydon in the Mountains.

The all-important subject of food will also be on the minds of beachgoers, who will find their appetites satisfied at many area restaurants, which serve many types of cuisine. Visitors can sample Chinese food at Le Chalet, American lunches and dinners at The Brewery, Jamaican cuisine at The Pelican, seafood at Marguerites and an eclectic mix on the menu at Margaritaville-Montego Bay. The Native serves Jamaican cuisine, while the Town House Restaurant offers an excellent seafood selection, and Pier 1 provides international cuisine.

Sometimes the best and most enjoyable way to enjoy local foods is to dine right on the beach. Many hotels will pack a picnic lunch for their guests, or visitors can pick up food on the way to the beach or eat at a restaurant located right on the sand.

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