Jamaica’s 8 Most Romantic Places to Propose Marriage

Jamaica is well known for its stunning tropical landscapes, beautiful sunsets, spectacular beaches, and romantic Caribbean vibe. In addition to the lush environment, the island is also home to some of the best dining and resort experiences in the world, as well as a wide range of leisure activity choices. These elements combine to make Jamaica the perfect place to pop the Big Question. Below are eight of the most romantic places on the island that offer an ideal backdrop for future memories.

Sunset at Rick’s Cafe, Negril

ricks cafe

Watching the tropical sky change color during a sunset on the blue Caribbean Sea while enjoying the view of Seven-Mile Beach and superb dining and beverage service at Rick’s Café in Negril is an outstanding option. Add in the sounds of the live music, and you can’t go wrong.

Candlelit Dinner at The Caves, Negril

What is more romantic than a candlelight dinner? According to a long tradition, there IS nothing better, and one of the top locations for this tried-and-true setting is The Caves in Negril. With a choice of two private cave-dining options, couples can enjoy a superb meal in the company of pink bougainvillea and flickering candles, all with a spectacular view of the sea.

Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio

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Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio features clear, blue waters and lush tropical surroundings that provide just the right atmosphere for a marriage proposal. Swimming in the mix of fresh and saltwater is exhilarating, and taking a boat ride to enjoy the magical color-changing features of this amazing natural wonder sets the scene for an enchanting experience that is sure to be remembered.

Rafting the Rio Grande, Portland

For romance on the move, consider rafting the Rio Grande in Portland. Floating peacefully down the river on a bamboo raft offers some of the best views of Jamaica’s tropical rainforest setting and a unique atmosphere in which to ask The Question.

Lovers Leap, St. Elizabeth

According to the legend, star-crossed lovers who refused to be separated decided to run away together and raced to the cliff, where the moon caught them in a golden net. Holding hands, they stood on the net as the moon slowly set into the sea. This spot situated atop a 1700-foot-high cliff with dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea has been called the most romantic place in the world and is perfect for a proposal.

Top of Blue Mountain, Kingston

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A hike to the top of the highest point on the island is the perfect prelude to a proposal for adventurous couples. The panoramic views from Blue Mountain Peak at 7402 feet are exceptional, and the romantic environment is emphasized by the unique plants and animals that are found only in this region. Natural springs and waterfalls offer excellent swimming.

Martha Brae River, Trelawny

Rafting on the river offers a very relaxed and serene place to propose. Couples can enjoy the private 30-foot bamboo rafts as they drift down the river, soothed by the sounds of nature. The rafts are captained by experienced guides who will tell the story of Martha Brae, a witch who lived on the banks of the River Matibereon. The trip offers opportunities for swimming in Jamaica’s luxuriant tropical setting.

Devon House, Kingston

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There is no shortage of romance in the 19-century setting of Devon House, home to George Stiebel, the first Black millionaire in the Caribbean. The romantic ambiance offers an authentic Jamaica setting for making memories. The site blends heritage, dining, arts, shopping, and entertainment for couples looking for a truly memorable experience to complement their Big Moment.

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