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Jamaica My Constant Craving

I just returned from my first visit to Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Never in my dreams would I have thought that my visit would bring me to want to change my life forever. The beauty of the island and the warm hearts of the Jamaicans we met will forever remain in my memory. We made immediate friends with our hotel workers who took us to see Jamaica in a non tourist way.

I went to a soccer game, shopping at local markets, and drank red stripes on the side of the road, high in the mountains an all-inclusive wrist band not to be seen for miles.

I was treated like a friend and my heart is filled with memories of the most memorable week of my life. As i sat watching the beautiful children playing with homemade kites and bats it reminded me of how I had forgotten the simple pleasures in life, and those who live life with nothing had so much life to offer. My experiance was wonderful and I only hope that one day i will return to fill the constant craving I now feel in my heart.

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