Curvy Diva Launches Second Dining With Curvy Location

Entertainer, Host and Entrepreneur, Yanique Curvy Diva Barrett, is excited to open her second restaurant location this May in Kingston, Jamaica. The self-taught chef and business woman has seen her Dining With Curvy brand grow exponentially over the last year despite the worldwide pandemic; with her unique restaurant concept and themes, as well as the launch of her Dining With Curvy cookbook,. Yanique is now looking forward to seeing the response to Dining with Curvy Express at the new Heart Of Kingston venue on Constant Spring Road.


“It’s a blessing to see the growth of the brand in such a short time, but the Dining With Curvy dream has been years in the making. I’m developing my passion project to be a global brand so expect a whole lot more locations worldwide,” Yanique manifested

The Curvy Diva also wanted to let patrons know that each location will retain its own individuality with unique offerings so customers will be equally satisfied visiting both restaurants.


Dining With Curvy The Experience on Dunrobin Avenue will remain the exclusive boutique dining location it has been for the past year with unique additives including; dining in the sky and diva nights with distinctive décor and drink specials. Whilst Dining With Curvy Express will be more of an entertainment and cultural experience.

“Persons have been asking for more space because we are usually fully booked with reservations, now they have Dining With Curvy Express at the large Lawn called Heart Of Kingston which will be a whole cultural and party vibe, A stage and cabanas will set the scene with live performances and events for this entertainment, music and food experience,” Yanique added.

The Curvy Diva, who will be expanding the Dining With Curvy brand with a line of seasonings soon will also be releasing new music this summer in preparation for her European Tour this Fall.

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