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D-Medz to lead May Pen Peace March on Heroe’s Day, October 16, 2017

Reggae Peace Ambassador D-Medz will lead Clarendonians in a walk for peace dubbed the Nuh Falla Bad Company Peace March on Monday, October 16, National Heroe’s Day in the Clarendon capital, May Pen.

Named after one of his more popular hits “Nuh Falla Bad Company”, D-Medz has single handedly garnered support from parish officials, the Ministry of National Security, local businesses, community based organisations and the many concerned citizens in the crime riddled parish.

The chanter is advocating for peace to return to Clarendon.

“I born and grow in May Pen. This is home for me and my family and it hurt to see so much murders taking place right next to me. I already lost a brother to the gun and I decide that I am not going to sit and watch anyone else fall victim to crime,” shares a passionate D-Medz.

The Reggae Peace Ambassador goes further to share that “This March is supposed to show the murderers that there is power in numbers and that the law abiding people of Clarendon are taking a stance to save our lives and the lives of our neighbours, family and friends. Give the people a chance. Come talk to we, speak up to the leaders, mek we help you. Taking a life doesn’t make a point.”

The Nuh Falla Bad Company Peace March will commence at 2:30 pm on Main Street in May Pen before moving unto Sevens Road, leading to Farm. The Peace March will then move to Effortville before returning to Main Street.

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