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Book Review – Daughter of the Caribbean

About the Book
Beloved Jamaica, the island of my birth, where brilliant sunshine and glistening white-sand beaches demand reverence; where the fruit is sweet and abundant; and where the people are strong, defiant and accomplished … Daughter of the Caribbean is a love letter that pays homage to the culture and heritage of this exotic, beautiful and conflicting island paradise that is Jamaica. It is an epic story told through the eyes of a Jamaican native, Olivia, who was raised for years by her Jamaican grandmother Sedith on the sprawling estate of Twickenham, where the fruit trees grew plenty and the adventures were grand. The book explores the bonds of family, the value of embracing and understanding one’s heritage despite notorious ancestors, and the journey that is life. Life’s a battle…and Daughter of the Caribbean explores that battle in the backdrop of tropical paradise and eternal wonder. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves stories of life, love, rich and controversial history and politics, and the bonds among family that can’t be broken.

“This setting is an enticing invitation to have a first-hand experience of Jamaica’s natural beauty and all of its spoils. I shared in all the excitement, humor, fears, sorrows, joys, losses and achievements of this colorful family, and when the last chapter came to an end I was reluctant to be severed from a world I wanted to continue wrapping myself in. I’m filled and still want more!” – JC Lodge, Recording Artist / Song Writer, UK  


About the Author:
Norma Jennings was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the West Indies. From an exotic multi-ethnic background of black, white and East Indian descent, two strong and dynamic women and a remarkably intelligent and adventurous father influenced her.

Ms. Jennings migrated to the United States in the early 1970s, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Angelo State University and graduated from the Management Development Program at Harvard Graduate School. She built a successful career as corporate executive in the hotel, education, banking and health care industries and has specialized training and experience in recruitment, employee relations, compensation, employee benefits, information technology and labor and immigration laws.

Ms. Jennings has three grown and productive children, and enjoys dual citizenship in both Jamaica and the United States. She stays close to the old estate she inherited in Jamaica, her beloved Twickenham. She is currently working on her second book.


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