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Day 271 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Get Educated on a Visit to Jamaica College

Jamaica College

Jamaica College is located in St. Andrew and originated with a bequest of Charles Drax, a sugar planter in St. Ann. In the 18th century, large donations were made from the prospering sugar industry with the goal of providing education for the poor, and the Drax bequest was one of them. In 1721, Drax left money to create a charity school in that parish, and by 1802, the school was endowed as the Drax Free School. In 1902, University College and Drax, then known as Jamaica High School, were combined to form Jamaica College. It comprises many buildings illustrating the various building methods and materials used on the island over the years.

The Jamaica College chapel was built in 1924. Its walls are constructed of reinforced concrete and concrete breather block. Along the north and south elevations a stepped roof creates a clerestory level for ventilation and diffused lighting. The east and west windows of the building are of stained glass. The west window is said to be a replica of St.Dunstan’s window at Canterbury Cathedral in England. There is a war memorial which commemorates the memory of the 17 Jamaica College Old Boys who sacrificed their lives during the 1st World War

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