Day 359 of 365 Things to Do, See & Eat in Jamaica – Visit the Christmas Eve Grand Market

Grand Market

The Grand Market is one of the most anticipated holiday events in Jamaica. There are Grand Markets in all the major towns on the island on Christmas Eve. Colorful and full of energy, the markets give shoppers a chance to buy last-minute gifts or find items not readily available at other times of the year. Vendors set up on the sidewalks to serve the crowds, selling everything from Christmas decorations to food, toys, household products and clothing. Sound systems entertain the shoppers and support street dances that go on into Christmas Day. In the past, the market was traditionally held on Christmas morning when special vendors set up in front of businesses located in the village square that were closed for the holidays. Children would get up early, dress in their best new clothes, and go with their parents to the special “gran market” where toys were on sale. The Christmas market was the highlight for children. Local bands would play to entertain the crowds. In the early days of the market, children would take a ferry to Port Royal or attend a Christmas morning concert at Ward Theaters.

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