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Photo Highlights: Deadly Dragon’s Sound System 25th anniversary

Deadly Dragon Sound System

’Jamaica nice’ were the words the crowd sang along with artist Red Fox last night as he performed one of his classic hits entitled ‘’Down in Jamaica.’’ Naturalee wasn’t too far behind as he serenaded the crowd with his smooth mellow voice, which made the song sound just as sweet as when it first came out in the late 80s. This all went down at the Paperbox located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it was also Deadly Dragon’s sound system 25th anniversary. Supersonic and Dub Stuy were also other sounds that blazed the stage, and showed off their skills. Another profound artist, Screechy Dan was in the building and he also performed one of the biggest gyal tunes till this day, “Pose Off” alongside Red Fox. Another artist, Super C was there and he looked very dapper as he performed a line of hits including “Bad Boy.” Oh! can’t forget Carl Meeks, Yami Bolo, and Jon Crow aka Nardo Ranks who blessed the venue as the crowd was filled with pure excitement, which caused every song to be pulled up. It was just a joy to be around, and witness this trip down memory lane, as it took everyone back to when music was nice.

Some new blood artists to grace the stage were Autachii, and Fari Di Future. Both of their sounds represent the growing conscious movement among young people, and it was well shown throughout their performances. Autarchii already has musical genes in him as he is related to the late and great Dennis Brown. Also, he made a little tribute to him by singing one of his songs, which showed off his promising future. Fari Di Future performed his songs, “Shashamane Living” feat. Autarchii, and his newest single “Farmer Man.” He recently opened up for Protoje over the weekend at his show at the Highline Ballroom in the city. Both artists are working hard contributing to the movement, and to spread love and awareness through their music.

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