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Dealing with the Power Crazy people in the organisation

The workplace is where you spend most of your waking hours and as such the time spent should not only be productive but enjoyable.  There are persons however who dread going to work not because of the high stress nature of the job but because they have to interact with individuals at the workplace whose agenda it is to make your life a living hell.

 It would appear that while the rest of us put on our uniforms/working clothes ready for a good day at work, these persons put on there battle gear and their war face ready for combat. They are convinced in their minds that they are God’s gift to the company/institution and that they have the sole right to belittle and intimidate everyone, particularly those that are lower in rank or position.

These power crazy people would tell you that the workplace is not a place for cowards and wimps and that it quite in order for them to shout at you or use expletives in order for them to fully express themselves. Whereas one would agree that the place of work is for mature adults it is for the same reason that adults should not be treated like children and should be accorded the respect that an adult deserves regardless of ones emotional and psychological fortitude or lack thereof.

The truth is, the people who behave in this aggressive manner are themselves lacking in self confidence and need to affirm themselves by victimizing others. They are emotionally and psychologically insecure and most times feel threatened by the very same people they disparage on a daily basis. Most (if not all) of them have anger management issues. They have not learned or refuse to learn the art of self control and so unleash their anger however and whenever.

The victims of the onslaught are usually emotionally crushed as they feel themselves less of a person and more like an animal or a child. No human being likes to be humiliated or be embarrassed. The human reaction is to retaliate. Some will react in like manner and run the risk of losing their jobs while others will endure the indignity meted out to them. But like a pressure cooker they will explode when the internal pressure is too great to endure.

A word to the power crazy people in the workplace, autocratic leadership style went through the window many decades ago, so get with it. Your workers or co-workers possess not only technical skills (just like you) but they possess a sense of dignity (just like you) that must be guarded and respected. Treat your colleagues, regardless of their rank/position in the organization, with courtesy and respect and avoid this ego inflating exercise that like a gas balloon will rise for awhile but MUST fall. Sometimes the fall can be detrimental. Incidentally nyaming up yourself like that is not good for your health. When last have you checked your blood pressure?

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Wayne A. Powell is a Relationship Counsellor. He operates and Online counselling website which provides a convenient way for both client and therapist to engage with each other from home or office at a time that is expedient to them.You can email him at: [email protected]

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