O black man… my brother
You are not who
Men say you are
You are who
Your Creator says you are
One fearfully and wonderfully made

No my brother
Do not be
Bent over any longer
By the oppressive lies
Get up! Stand Up!
Lift your head
Stand proud! Stand tall!
In the regality and majesty of your race
That’s your inheritance
You are of royal lineage
Wear your blackness with honor and pride
Like a garland gracing your neck
Replacing your chains of bondage

O black man… my brother
Why won’t you arise
Into your true identity?
Aren’t you the warrior
Who knows how to overcome?
Adversity is not a whip
That breaks you
But the stepping stone
Into your greatness

You are not made to
Carry the load of slavery
Imposed upon you
Cast it off and arise!
My brother, do not limit yourself
No, do not be confined… do not perform
To men’s expectation of your failure
Rise up and show them who you really are

O black man… my brother
O glorious one
You must fully arise
From slavery to freedom
But it must begin in your mind
O Black man… my brother
Don’t you know
Creation awaits your arising?
You must now arise!!