Destination Jamaica Is Open for Business

The Jamaica Tourist Board is happy to report it is business as usual for the country after Hurricane Matthew passed the island early this morning. While a band of heavy showers that fell on Sunday caused temporary flooding in some parts of Kingston, there was little or no damage to the island’s resorts and attractions. Weather conditions continue to be good and visitors are engaged in normal activities.

“We are thankful that Destination Jamaica was spared a direct impact from Hurricane Matthew and that our on-shore partners did not suffer damage,” said Paul Pennicook, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “Our thoughts and prayers are with our Caribbean neighbors as Matthew continues its journey northward.”

The current situation is as follows:


Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston will reopen today Tuesday, October 4.

Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay remained operational throughout the weekend.


All ports will open today at 3:00 pm. Ships have been alerted and will resume calls to Jamaica starting tomorrow, October 5.


No structural damage to hotels has been reported and resorts are open and accepting guests.


As of Tuesday, October 4, power is at 100% capacity throughout the country. There were few reports of power outages and the Jamaica Public Service Company worked vigilantly to address each situation.


Water and telephone services were not disrupted.

The Meteorological Service of Jamaica has discontinued the hurricane and tropical storm warnings as Hurricane Matthew’s center moves away from the island’s territorial waters.