Devon House Expands Ice Cream Parlor

Devon House is famous around the world for its exceptional ice cream, and now diners can enjoy their favorite flavors in a newly expanded venue located on the north lawns of the property. Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett officially launched the new ice cream parlor in July 2017. The facility measures about 5,000 square feet and was funded with $26 million from the Tourism Enhancement Fund. As a result of the expansion, ice cream lovers will no longer have to stand in long lines to get their treats. The project represents a portion of the continuing renovations at the Devon House property. Devon House, home to a number of eateries, recently launched the Gastronomy Center of the Caribbean with plans for combining with other culinary offerings in the region to create a major tourist attraction. According to Carol Clarke-Webster, managing director of Scoops Unlimited, the manufacturer of Devon House “I Scream,” her company shares the vision for the location to become a gastronomy hub. She noted that “I Scream” is “one of the best products Jamaica and the Caribbean have produced.”

Photo Credit – Instagram @devonhouseicecream

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