Video: No Room On Stage! Ding Dong at Best of the Best 2018 – Interview

“Lift me up nuh! Ladies please, lift me up.” said a slightly winded Ding Dong as he genuinely struggled to return to the stage at this year’s best of the best. Having lept from the stage and crossed the crowd to perform his hit “Holiday” as close to the people as possible, he had every right to be a little out of breath. The comical moment lends itself to what Ding Dong does best, bringing fun and inclusion to Dancehall music. Luckily for you, our friends from your favorite online radio station were there to capture the moment.

Ding Dong
Ding Dong

Ding’s first ever appearance BOTB appearance did not disappoint. He flooded the stage with dancers, some of whom proudly waved the Jamaican flag throughout the performance reminding observers that Ding Dong, through dance is worthy to be considered an ambassador for the culture of many one people. Amusing and energetic, his performance was undeniably one of the highlights of the concert but wait. Could this be? An artist who’s music is almost completely void of overtly violent or the regular sexually explicit content blazing the stage and winning over a Dancehall crowd with ease?

This is an oddity but also a testament to what can come of hard work, finding your own lane and staying the course. Ding Dong seems poised to fill the gap that formed when Elephant Man’s star began to fade. I had to speak with the artist and hear his perspective on what we had just witnessed.

Check out the interview and clips from his performance and see if you can duplicate any of the moves his dancers brought to the stage.

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