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Do I need more than one Power of attorney?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I have about ten issues to solve and no money. Therefore I want to ask you to assist me. My question is do I need to arrange for more than one power of attorney from your team. I need help to evict squatters, and I need help to deal with a matter for my brother who was killed at a police station. All this came upon me sudden, and I just do not have the money. I spoke with someone from the Legal Aid clinic and the fees the told me are not for poor people at all. One lawyer told me one hundred thousand dollars just to start. Can you people at least draft up the documents?


RESPONSE: Dear Pedro,

Our team can assist with drafting the document for you, and charge you a nominal fee. Your question about the power of attorney needs to be addressed however. No one can be a power of attorney.A power-of-attorney is an instrument that empowers one person to act legally on behalf of another. In your case however, it is recommended that you prepare one power-of-attorney to handle the issues relating to the tenants and the house, and another to handle issues pertaining to your deceased brother.

For the person assigned the power-of-attorney instruments must be stamped and registered before they can act legally.

Please make contact with our office, or an attorney directly to assist.

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