Don’t For One Minute Believe That The Chinese Government Prefers Jamaicans Over Their Own People…

 Open Letter to Jamaican Government

Ten years ago, I watched the Chinese invasion of Jamaica, with some intrigue, and bewilderment, as years before, our former visionary Michael Manley lost an election because of his close ties to Cuba, that was regarded a communist country.

Jamaica has embarked on a “head in first” policy relating to our dealings with one of the most repressive,corrupt, and colonial powers known in recent times, and they’re on their way in changing the entire landscape of Jamaica, that may mirror that of their own country, if we remain passive in light their actions.

History has proven to us that nothing is for free, and the Trojan horse approach to Chinese diplomacy has served their interests well, to the demise of the locals who are not aware of the intricacies in deals made by our government on our behalf, and this so-called partnership can only have one conclusion, and that is a change in our Jamaican way of life, and culture that has already started in areas that they now occupy.

The Chinese, are eating our donkeys that are the lifeblood of our mountainous farming community that need them for transport, they’re eating our dogs with no regard to our culture, or fear of prosecution, because we have become a people easily bought, which on the other hand brings with it a level of disdain for our people, who now complain of how disrespectful our new colonialists treat us.

My open letter is a warning to the Jamaican government, that ,don’t for one minute believe that the Chinese government prefers Jamaicans over their own people,..and if we owe more than our ability to pay, they could easily send a division of their army, which is more than our entire population, to get what is theirs, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it,…also,..stop selling assets paid for by the backs of our ancestors, under the guise of government inefficiency, when in fact, its management that has not served our workers well..

How can you say on one hand that government is inefficient, yet employ the same people to work in the same factory after management change, and not realize its a management issue?.
on a final note,.thanks for the sleepless nights worrying about my country, and I hope you live to see the reward of your folly,or the blessings of good decisions made on behalf of the jamaican people, and not seek refuge in another, to escape what you’ve placed on the tables of Jamaicans #.tiananmen square massacre.