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Drake’s Reggae Inspired ‘One Dance’ Is The 2016 Most-Streamed Song On Spotify

Drake Reggae inspired One Dance

According to streaming music platform Spotify, Drake’s latest reggae inspired hit “One Dance” is the most-played song in its history. Released in 2016, the smash hit has been played worldwide over 880 million times, with the number increasing daily. In addition to the massive number of plays, “One Dance” has only been available for streaming for a little over six months, so its performance in that time period is amazing. This means that Drake’s first chart-running tune as a leading man ended up as the most-streamed song ever in just six months. This is proof that both Drake and “One Dance” are very, very popular. It is somewhat surprising that Drake has accrued over eight billion streams on Spotify, as the artist’s allegiance is with the Apple Music platform. He has a radio program there, and his album “Views” was exclusive to Apple when it was first released. Despite these factors, however, Drake is officially the biggest force on Spotify. “One Dance” is straight “Dem Bow,” a syncopated dancehall drum pattern from Steely & Clevie’s “Pocoman Jam” that has fueled many reggaetón song. Drake first utilized the Jamaican-inspired sound in his “Find Your Love” in 2010. And the title “One Dance” is a popular saying in Jamaica and is common in the dancehall scene. What is not surprising is that “One Dance” is the top streamed song, as it has been at the top of the Hot 100 for ten consecutive weeks earlier in 2016 – the longest streak of the year. The appeal of the song is very wide because of its sound, radio-friendliness and the massive fan base of Drake.

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