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Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: Do I need a guide at Dunns River Falls?

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  I am visiting Dunns River Falls, do you recommend a guided tour to climb the falls?

S. Empress -  no
K. Clarke – No, when you climb it yourself its more fun and exciting

T. Davis – We took the guided tour, but fell back with a few others about halfway through. The guides can be helpful in pointing out different photo ops while doing the climb, and are happy to accept tips of course!
P. Hannam – Yes

M. Blair – We did like Tim, we kinda fell back….but the guides are helpful as well       
D.J.-  Depends on them!! I would do it with no guide, but some people enjoy the group aspect of it!    
H. Clarke -Yes man :-)) guide dem fi eat dem get a safe climb and good picture. Free style climbers are also welcome.
B. Palmer – No way. First of all, you absolutely cannot get lost, not with hundreds of people around and only two ways to go…up or down. Second, climbing on your own you can set your own pace, stop and lounge in a pool, do some people watching, take photos or movies, etc, etc.
J.W. – I would go to a different waterfall LOL. I like the ones that arent’ crowded with people.
J.Budny – No…you do not need a Guide.

P. Cookinson – You dont need guide but it helps them so why not…plus make sure you reach top safely.
L.Grigg -  It is wonderful.There is so many guides just walk close to all the other people. Blessings on your trip. Give a tip it help.
A. Daley – No you do not need a guide but it doesn’t hurt getting one..after all u are on vacation so live it up !!!

R. Lindo – I have climbed Dunns River a good 1/2 dozen times or more (even climbed down the falls, which is much harder than it looks) and never used a guide but it all depends on your level of fitness and how adventurous you are. Do what makes you feel comfortable and have fun.

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