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The Steps To Acquiring Duty-Free Waivers For Charitable Donations

Below are the step to obtain duty-free waivers for your charitable donations of gifts to Jamaican Institutions.

  • The receiving institution (school/organization) in Jamaica and primary contact person must first be identified by the donor;
  • A letter should be sent to the institution (school/organization) from the donor, itemizing the contents of the donation along with a cost estimate;
  • A letter must be written to the Minister of Finance and Planning (Hon. Audley Shaw, 28 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4) petitioning him for a duty-free waiverto be applied to those items which are to be charitably distributed in Jamaica;
  • The letter of petition to the Honorable Minister should clearly detail the description and cost of each item of donation;
  • Items identified for charitable donation in Jamaica should only be shipped subsequent to receipt of a duty-free waiver from the Minister of Finance;
  • Typically, once the letter of petition has been mailed to the Minister of Finance, a response should be received from his office within five (5) weeks.

If you have any further concerns, contact:

C.P. Ricardo Allicock, Consul General
305-374- 8431 or [email protected]

767 Third Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017-2993
Tel: (212) 935-9000 Fax: (212) 935-7507
[email protected]

Source: Jamaican Diaspora Southern U.S.

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