I am Earth, the Great Mother

I was destined to bear children
So I carry them,
load heavy
belly and bosoms swollen
plums, oranges, mangoes and melons
My hips flow lush rainforest
trickling streams
rushing rivers
magnificent waterfalls-
this body is many a greedy man’s downfall
between my legs rest meadows
as vast as the oceans are deep
My eyes are the color of the rich soil
found in Africa and the Caribbean
Hair sprouts from my head
weeping willows, roses,
gardenia, bougainvillea
poisonous oleander
Under my watchful motherly eye,
trees grow and birds sing
I provide iron ore so school bells can ring
rubber, bauxite, gold and diamonds
over which my children fight
without regard for each other or me
the Great Mother
their mother
they rape and rob me
knowingly do things to harm me
and still
I provide
struggling to survive
without me there can be no existence
whether or not they acknowledge
the power of my presence
I offer up little resistance
to the constant attacks on my body-
forget the fact that it is my property
these vandals are my children
and so I allow them
A part of me pities them
they steal from me, their mother
turn around and sell to their brothers
sick, twisted mentalities patiently developed
will eventually destroy me
still, I carry them gracefully
2/3 water, 1/3 other
I am Earth, the Great Mother

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