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So You Think You’ve Eaten Dog – Letters from a Jamaican in China

Imagine for a moment you are hungry. You drive past McDonald’s, Burger King, Whataburger or Pollo Tropical and opt for the tiny Chinese restaurant next to the Pet Supermarket. You look over the menu and then decide on your usual, pepper steak. As you wait for your food to be prepared, you see the chef emerge from the back alley looking grimy, with a dirty apron, the triangular hat and meat clever in his hand. But you think nothing of it, they don’t really eat dogs. You get home and your steak tastes a little funny, not quite steaky. HMMMM. Could you have just eaten the dog on the missing posters plastered all over your neighborhood? The one with the $250 reward?! HUH?! Well, could you have?!

The answer is NO! A big fat NO. Yes, people in China do eat dogs, it’s a delicacy. It’s more expensive than any other meat, usually eaten only by the Chinese aristocracy (that means the rich folk for my homies in the hood). If you can afford dog meat its all about you! Keep in mind these are not strays or peoples’ pets. These are specially bred dogs, just to be eaten. You know, kind of like Mr. Frank Perdue and his chickens? Ok. I know, I know there is no justification I can think of for eating dogs, but I am trying to help you grasp the mentality.

Now, think you may have been slipped some dog? Impossible. They are not going to give away dog when there are plenty of sickos..uum.. I mean people who are willing to pay good money for it. Here in Guangdong there are a lot more things you live in fear of eating. Quick survey, if eating one of the following would get you a million which one would you choose: Bat, civet cat, monkey, turtle, pigeon, scorpion, snake, salamander or dog? Well those are just a few of the wonderful choices here in Guangzhou where the motto is “If it walks on the ground or flies in the air we eat it (except humans)”.

Now who wants Chinese for dinner? Happy Eating!

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Shelly Ann Wauchope