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Book Review – The Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage

The Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage by Olive Senior

Twin Guinep Publishers Ltd., Jamaica – 580 pages, 7 x 10 ins (17.75 x 25.5 cm)

Need a concise and informative resource reference? Looking for just the right reading material to display on your coffee table next to that great centerpiece? Or do you just want to learn about various historical events and traditional activities? This carefully researched and lovingly compiled reference book contains almost everything you can imagine about Jamaica.

Twenty years of collecting the information and graphics in this Encyclopedia is well evident in the almost 1000 entries and 700 photos within. The contents are definitely not ‘dry reading material’ but rather interesting snapshots capturing pieces of Jamaica throughout its history. A healthy list of contributors is included in the Acknowledgements, covering areas such as: Art; Language, Literature, Education; Sociology & Anthropology; History; Culture, Music, Dance & Sports.

The Subject Index includes a detailed breakdown of sub-categories under the headings: The Natural World; Economic Life; Cultural Activities; Domestic & Leisure Activities; Folklore; Historic People; Historic Events; and Historic Places. Details of another time long ago interspersed with current events are a welcome consideration in this collection. Learn about the Tainos, King Yellowman, Bammy, Black River, Independence and the Reggae Boyz all in one edition. Congratulations also to Twin Guinep Publishers for their compilation and presentation of the materials, beautiful layouts inside and out!

The Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage is a ‘must have’ for every family and library. Get your copy today!

To see other books by this author and reviews visit Olive’s website http://www.olivesenior.com/

To order your Encyclopedia visit Twin Guinep Publishers Ltd. Website at http://www.twinguinep.com/whatsnew.html

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