Essence Magazine Features Jamaican Carnival Concierge Kandi King

Kandi King

Kandi King has made a successful career of Carnival. King was inspired by her first Carnival, which was in Trinidad. Later on, she realized that it was extremely difficult to have a peak Carnival experience unless there is an understanding of how the entire scene works. Therefore, King looked for ways to make is easier for other people attending the event to have the best experience possible. Carnival revelers favor Airbnb for their accommodations, but attempting to navigate the selection of costumes, fetes, bands, and other attractions can be completely overwhelming for even the most seasoned of Carnival goers. King is working to facilitate things for partiers through her company Karnival by Kandi. She has positioned herself as a Carnival concierge who can provide first-time visitors and veteran revelers alike with the best experience of their lives. After five years in business, King is the “queen” of Carnival, and her business continues to thrive and grow. It has extended beyond the island nations of Jamaica and Trinidad to cover Carnival celebrations worldwide.

Kandi King

Kandi King – Photo by Dwayne Watkins/Team DWP Studios 

When asked by Essence Magazine what she loves most about Carnival, King said it was the fact that it unites people of all ages. Additionally, she said likes the event because it is fun and a “good experience, and she always encourages first-timers to attend her recommended celebrations in Trinidad and Jamaica..” King started her Karnival by Kandi concierge firm to create festival packages the help people get the most of their experience in attending Carnival in the Caribbean

Information and Photo Source: Essence Magazine, Dwayne Watkins/Team DWP Studios 

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